Alexander C

Domaine :
Digital, Vidéo, Print
Métier :
Concepteur rédacteur
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Projet 01


A series of sports context ads released in the press during PSG's 2014-15 season.

Agence : FCB

  • PSG - Marseille
  • Lyon - PSG
  • Barcelone - PSG

Projet 02


Copywriter and scriptwriter for two tv ads that launched the very successful NIVEA MEN / PSG partnership.

Agence : FCB

Projet 03


Pitch work with FCB London for the LVMH corporate website.

Agence : FCB

  • Homepage
  • Welcome to LVMH
  • Index
  • Houses intro
  • Houses page
  • Finance intro
  • Finance page
  • Talents intro
  • Talents gallery
  • Talents portraits
  • At the Heart intro
  • At the Heart index
  • Creative Laboratory
  • At the Heart - Young Talents Awards

Projet 04


FCB held an internal competition to come up with their 2013 Christmas Card. Mine was the winning concept which turned peoples doodles into donations for UNICEF and was widely-shared on social media.

Agence : FCB

  • Digiday article
  • Doodle Heart examples

Projet 05


Concept and scriptwriter for the launch of NIVEA's Pocket deodorant.

Agence : FCB

Projet 06


Integrating the new "hair design" philosophy for legendary salon brand Vidal Sassoon.

Agence : SelectNY

  • Illumilight Shampoo & Conditioner
  • HAIR Digital
  • Hair Key Visual
  • 5 points to a great haircut
  • elevated
  • elevated
  • Demi Monde
  • Demi Monde pos

Projet 07


Creator of styles, product names and promos for the fearless hair fashion brand Sebastian Professional.

Agence : SelectNY

  • Volupt
  • Craft Clay
  • MicroWeb Fibre
  • Trilliant
  • Texture & Shine Collide
  • Texture & Shine Collide 2

Projet 08


Print and website animation for the relaunch of the Tissot brand image and e-commerce site.

Agence : FCB

  • Tissot Deepika
  • T-Touch 1
  • T-Touch 2

Projet 09


Moodboard and film for the launch of Davidoff's The Game -  a new men's fragrance that was a departure from their classic Cool Water image.

Agence : SelectNY

  • The Game - Moodboard
  • The Game - Synopsis
  • The Game - Synopsis 2
  • The Game - Synopsis 3

Projet 10


Writer and editor of pages for Correspondances magazine which brought together famous photographers and words in a subject about the senses.

Agence : FCB

  • Front Cover
  • Choco boobs - Bite me
  • Taste of Rebellion

Projet 11


Concepts and ideas for Oreo to do their Facebook "Daily Twist" this time on famous, typically French things. The campaign was called - Oreo Croque la France, which can mean both Oreo sketches France or Oreo takes a bite out of France.

Agence : FCB

  • Napoleon
  • French Kiss
  • LaFontaine
  • Montmartre
  • Musketeers
  • Press

Projet 12


Copywriter and concept work for Blini's new aperitif cocktail range.

Agence : FCB

  • Blini Olives
  • Blini selection

Projet 13

Christina Aguilera Fragrance

Concepts and successive tv scripts for the Christina Aguilera fragrances.

Agence : SelectNY

  • Christina Aguilera fragrance key visual