Andrew K

Domaine :
Digital, Vidéo, Print, Illustration
Métier :
Concepteur rédacteur, Directeur artistique
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Projet 01

A video targeted towards customers of hotel booking websites like or expedia, who haven't woken up to the savvy way to save on their hotel bookings. DreamCheaper scan the market for price drops AFTER you have booked, rebooking when prices frop to save up to 60%.

Agence : Personnel

Projet 02

Nina Ricci

Copy editor across online campaign communications for the 2015 summer launch of L'extase - The new fragrance by Nina Ricci.

Agence : PUIG France

  • The Silent Conversation
  • L'extase - Act 1
  • L'extase

Projet 03


The first miniature model with full scale cargo space for the VW Crafter - the largest commercial van. Since fleet managers are busy people we took the show room to them presenting their whole industry in an eye opening model. From a warehouse to a cold storage room or even a greenhouse, we opened up a whole world of possibilites and craftfully placed them in the hands of decision makers. All that and we managed to  boost enquiries by 18%. Roles: Art Direction, Concept development. Production.

Agence : Kolle Rebbe

  • Idea
  • Making of
  • The mailing packaging.
  • Industry interiors

Projet 04


Print ads to communicate diverse services of the airline. The main goal was to transform the cold and technical perception of German character worldwide to present a warmer, approachable airline. Art Direction. Story concept. Styling. Post Production. Photo shootings

Agence : Kolle Rebbe

  • Lufthansa Holidays
  • Lufthansa Service
  • Intercontinental Flights -  Discover Europe

Projet 05


Headline: Still cleans when you're gone. A scene highlighting the product usp, independent self charging ability, meaning that the Vorwerk V100 robotic vacum cleaner will even keep working when you are no longer around.

Agence : Kolle Rebbe

Still cleans when you're gone.

Projet 06

Silhouette Eyewear

Silhouette 4 Ways was an action to promote the new brand philosophy of Silhouette: LITESTYLE. The brand of the lightest eyewear in the world wanted people to connect to this new neominimalist attitude of less is more in all senses. We inspired fans calling for them to apply to be sent on 4 completely different adventures, embarking on the lightest journey of self exploration by traveling around the world without any luggage at all. Role: Concept.

Agence : Kolle Rebbe

  • 4 Ways competition launch
  • web special
  • web special
  • web special
  • Print Advet

Projet 07


Headline: "A sign of sustainabiltiy" Print concept for a Corporate Social Responsibility advert, detailing the commitment of Mercedes Benz to renewable energy on factory sites. The headline uses a double meaning for the German word 'sign', that also means brand logo, hence "A logo/sign of sustainability."

Agence : Media Consulta

A sign of sustainability

Projet 08

Print ads to drive traffic to the website that helps people find ways and reasons to inculde prayer into their hectic daily lives. Roles: Text + Art Direction

Agence : Kolle Rebbe

  • Thank you Lord
  • Thank you Lord

Projet 09


We invented a unique product to raise awareness and funds for MIsereor education projects in Africa. The bread was produced by local bakers and presented in the form of an open book. Roles: Concept, Art Direction and production coordination. (Schulbrot is the German name given to lunch time sandwiches eaten at school by children)

Agence : Kolle Rebbe

  • Das Schulbrot
  • Das Schulbrot
  • Das Schulbrot
  • Das Schulbrot

Projet 10

Silverneedle hospitality

Brief: How can hotels engage with business guests and provide valuable services to their working life? Role: Concept, text

Agence : eYeka winning concept.

Room Service with Results